About Us

For the last 15 years, PERFECT DRIVER TRAINING  is committed to training residents of the GTA/ PEEL region be safe and efficient drivers. In fact, today, tons of thousands of drivers trained by PERFECT DRIVER TRAINING drive safely on the streets of the GTA. They set an example by being polite, courteous, and smart drivers with clean driving records.

Every driving instructors have thousands of hours of experience providing in-car driving lessons. They are trained to be skillful, patient and clear while imparting the skill of driving.

Since its inception,Perfect Driver Training believes and follows two basic principles which govern our entire operation. Firstly, we believe driving is a “life skill”. This means that driving is not a hobby which one can live without but rather a privilege that forms an integral part of our lifestyle today. Driving with the right skills, knowledge and attitude is imperative in North America as we all are responsible for the property and life of all of those who share the road with us.

Our second governing principle is a legal phrase that “not knowing the law is not the excuse for breaking the law”. Hence, we ensure that during our in-car lessons, we instill in you all of the legal and safety rules which govern this ever so important “life skill” of driving.

So, come and learn how to drive from the professionals. The skills, knowledge and attitude you acquire at Perfect Driver Training will stay with you for years to come!